Motor Insurance

Cumberland Motor insurance program offers coverage for fire, theft, and accidental damages to your insured vehicle, along with third party liability protection.

Plans & Benefits

You can enjoy a range of supplementary benefits available across our various plans.

Benefits Prestige-L Regular & Regular-L
Accidental Loss or Damage to the insured vehicle
Loss or damage caused by Fire
Loss due to Theft with an excess of 10%
Hold Up covered Nil excess 10% Excess
Third Party Liability Material Damage included USD 500,000. – USD 500,000. –
Flood & Natural Perils cover (excluding earthquake & hail) Max USD 5,000. –
Including Hail up to 1500$
Strikes, riots and civil commotion S.R.C.C. Covered Up to USD 10,000 N/A
Malicious Damage extension (Including Broken Keys) Limit USD 750 / year N/A
14 days car hire following Total Loss and Theft.
Max USD 500
13 days car hire due to accident Excess First 3 Days N/A
For cars <= USD 50,000. – USD 25 / Day N/A
For cars > USD 50,000. – USD 50 / Day N/A
Transported Passengers:
Medical Expenses: USD   5,000
Death: USD 15,000
Annual Limit : USD 35,000
Agency Repair for Model Years 2018-2019-2020 Additional Rate of 0.35% (Refers to the company) N/A
Depreciation on New Spare Parts (Up to 30% Maximum) Applicable as of 2016
For models 2017-2020 NOT Applicable if NOT found used
Applicable starting the 2nd year
Applicable starting the 2nd year
Towing services following damage or breakdown (Unlimited Mileage)
Reimbursement of vehicle registration fee in case of total loss claim 3.5% of vehicle value maximum USD 5.000 N/A
Air Bags 100% Limited to USD 1,000 per unit Max. 4 Units
Partial theft (built in parts) with no execss Limit USD 5,000/ Year N/A
Accidental scratching and denting N/A
Cover while in custody of valet parking, car wash and repair Additional rate: 0.25% N/A
Ligitation Expenses USD 5,000.- / Year N/A

Are you concerned about the financial implications of extensive vehicle repairs? Cumberland Motor Loss Insurance is designed to cater to your needs and ensures that your insured vehicle is protected in situations where repairing becomes financially impractical.

When the cost of repairs exceeds 65% of your car’s actual market value, it is considered a Total Loss. Our policy steps in to provide the necessary support during such circumstances, offering you peace of mind and shielding you from significant financial burdens.
We also provide protection for accidents involving third-party material damage, ensuring that you’re safeguarded against unforeseen expenses in the event of an unfortunate incident.

When it comes to road accidents, being prepared is essential. That’s why Cumberland Motor is proud to offer our top-of-the-line third-party liability insurance, providing coverage for insured individuals who are found legally responsible for causing material damage to a third party.

Our comprehensive coverage extends to various vehicle types, including private cars, taxis, motorcycles, cargo vans, mini vans, private and school buses, pickups, trucks, water tankers, wheelers, and chained vehicles. We even offer the option for comprehensive road assistance coverage or coverage specifically tailored for accidents, ensuring that you have the right level of protection for your specific needs.

In case of road accidents, compliance with government regulations is paramount. That’s why Cumberland Motor is proud to offer our comprehensive Third Party Liability or Bodily Injury insurance program, fulfilling the legally mandated coverage required by the Lebanese Government under decree law no: 2180 dated 30 January 2003.

Our program’s primary objective is simple yet crucial to provide compensation to individuals who have suffered bodily injury as a result of a road accident involving a third party. We understand the importance of financial support during such challenging times, and our coverage extends up to the limits set by the law, ensuring that you receive the necessary assistance when you need it the most.

Please note that our coverage excludes fuel and flammable tankers, as per the law’s stipulations. At Cumberland, we’re committed to upholding legal requirements and offering you the comprehensive protection you deserve.

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