Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance program covers Marine Cargo, Marine Hull and Pleasure Boats, Goods in Transit Insurance, and Jewelers Block Insurance. 

Plans & Benefits

Benefit from our wide coverage for cargos, hull and pleasure boats, goods in transit and jewelers block insurance programs.

For businesses involved in the transportation of goods, Cumberland’s Marine Cargo Insurance program is a vital asset. We provide essential protection for your international and domestic trade, covering losses or damages incurred during marine exposures. Our comprehensive coverage extends to goods in transit via sea, air, and land, ensuring your peace of mind and the smooth flow of your business operations.

Whether you are a boat enthusiast or a maritime professional, Cumberland’s Marine Hull and Pleasure Boats Insurance program has you covered. We offer comprehensive coverage for accidental loss or damage to your boat, while also protecting your liabilities towards third parties. Our program includes coverage for loss or damage to your boat, its machinery, equipment, and trailer caused by insured perils. We also provide legal liability coverage for bodily injury and/or property damage, including guests on board your boat. Additionally, for motor boats, we extend coverage for legal liability toward water skiers during water skiing activities.

When it comes to the transportation of goods, risks can arise at any stage. Cumberland’s Goods in Transit Insurance program offers comprehensive coverage for your goods while in transit, whether you are using your own vehicle or entrusting them to a third-party carrier. We protect against theft, loss, and damage caused by accidents or incidents occurring during transit.

At Cumberland, we understand the unique risks faced by jewelry retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and pawnbrokers. That is why we offer our tailored Jewelers Block Insurance program. This inland marine insurance policy provides comprehensive coverage for the loss of or damage to your valuable jewelry stock.

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