Casualty & Liability Insurance

Casualty and Liability program offers insurance coverage for workman’s compensation, school, public, professional, product, and hunting liabilities. It provides protection against potential financial losses arising from these specific liability risks.

Plans & Benefits

You can enjoy our comprehensive Casualty and Liability insurance coverage to safeguard you from potential risks.

When it comes to your employees’ well-being, Cumberland’s Workman’s Compensation insurance has you covered. Our program provides comprehensive coverage for your liability in the unfortunate event of accidents occurring while your employees carry out their job duties. Rest assured that our policy fully complies with Lebanon’s Labor Law decree no. 136/82, ensuring that you meet your legal obligations while providing a safe work environment.

Cumberland understands the importance of safeguarding educational institutions against unforeseen circumstances. Our School Liability Insurance program is specifically designed to protect schools from liability in cases of bodily injuries, death, or disablement resulting from accidents involving students under the school’s supervision.

In a world where accidents can happen unexpectedly, protecting your business from legal liability is essential. Cumberland’s Public Liability Insurance program is here to offer you comprehensive protection against accidental property damages and bodily injuries caused to third parties such as visitors, clients, guests, suppliers, and members of the public.

Your expertise and profession deserve the utmost protection. With Cumberland’s Professional Liability Insurance program, you can rest easy knowing that we have your back, regardless of your specific job. Our coverage provides financial protection in the event of claims or legal actions arising from professional negligence or errors.

When it comes to products and completed jobs, liability can pose significant risks. Cumberland’s Product Liability Insurance program offers comprehensive coverage against financial loss incurred by an insured party due to injury or damage resulting from the use of a covered product. Additionally, we extend our coverage to liability incurred by contractors after completing their job.

For hunters in Lebanon, Cumberland’s Hunting Liability Insurance program is necessary. We understand the unique risks involved in hunting activities, and our program provides mandatory coverage against legal liability arising from material damages and bodily injuries caused to third parties.

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