Cumberland Insurance and Reinsurance Company’s Annual Dinner Highlights a Year of Achievement

Cumberland Insurance and Reinsurance Company celebrated its annual dinner on December 27, 2023, at Burj Al-Hamam Restaurant in Broummana. This event gathered the founder, Mr. Antoine El-Khoury, Chairman Mr. Rizk El-Khoury, and CEO Mr. George Mankoush, alongside various managers, department heads, and dedicated employees.

During the ceremony, both Mr. Antoine El Khoury and Mr. Rizk El Khoury delivered heartfelt speeches, extending warm welcomes to all attendees, and expressing gratitude to the entire staff for their hard work throughout 2023. They also took the opportunity to convey their appreciation and wished everyone a joyous conclusion to the year, as well as a prosperous and successful upcoming year.

Cumberland Insurance and Reinsurance Company is proud to acknowledge the collective efforts of its team and is excited about the future endeavors that lie ahead.