Comprehensive Motor Insurance

The motor comprehensive policy includes cover for fire, theft, and accidental damages caused to your vehicle, in addition to third party liability. You may benefit from an array of additional benefits spread among various plans including but not limited to:

  • Personal accidents to the driver and passengers up to a stated limit
  • Malicious Damages
  • Road assistance
  • Replacement Car

Features & Benefits



Accidental Loss or Damage to the insured vehicle
Loss or damage caused by Fire
Loss due to Theft with an excess of 10%
Hold Up covered Nil excess Excess of 10%
T.P.L. Material Damage included USD 500,000.- USD 500,000.-
Flood & Natural Perils cover (excluding earthquake & hail) Max USD 5,000.- X
 SRCC at an additional premium of USD 100.- 10% of vehicle’s value maximum USD 5,000 – 10% of vehicle’s value maximum USD 5,000 –
Malicious Damage extension ( Limit $750 / year ) X
14 days car hire following Total Loss and Theft. Max USD 30 / Day X
10 days car hire due to accident with an excess of the first 3 days.
*USD 30 / Day for cars < USD 50,000.- *USD 75 / Day for cars > USD 50,000.-
Transported Passengers :
Medical Expenses: USD 5,000
Death: USD 10,000
Annual Aggregate Limit: USD 25,000
Dealers’ Repair Workshop ✔  To be Agreed X
New Spare Parts Depreciation applicable starting the 3rd year 15%, and 5% every additional year up to a maximum of 50% Depreciation applicable starting the 2nd year 10%, and 5% every additional year up to a maximum of 50%.
Towing services following damage or breakdown
Reimbursement of vehicle registration fee in case of a covered total loss claim (7.5% of vehicle value maximum USD 5,000) X
Air Bags Limited to USD 750 per unit Maximum 4 Units
Partial theft (built in parts) Limit USD 1,000 / Year Deductible USD 100.- X
Accidental scratching and denting X
Cover while in custody of valet parking, car wash and repair Additional rate : 0.25% X

Motor Third Party Material damage

Motor third party liability insurance policy is a policy under which the insurance company agrees to indemnify the insured person, if he/she is held legally liable for material damage done to a third party following a road accident.

Vehicles types that can be insured at Cumberland:

  • Private cars with optional full coverage road assistance or a road assistance cover due to accidents only.
  • Taxis.
  • Motorcycles.
  • Cargo vans and mini vans (road assistance available for single rim vehicles only).
  • Private and school buses (road assistance available for 7 seater single rim buses only).
  • Pickups (road assistance available for single rim pickups only).
  • Trucks, water tankers and similar (except fuel tankers upon underwriter special consideration).
  • Wheelers and chained vehicles.

Motor Third Party Liability – Bodily Injury

Motor third party bodily injury, is a mandatory liability insurance, requested by the Lebanese Government (as per decree law no: 2180 dated 30 January 2003) to indemnify third party victims of a road accidents for bodily injury up to the limit determined by the law (except fuel and flammable tankers).