Burglary Insurance

Burglary insurance is a policy that covers losses resulting from a burglary. Burglary denotes the act of entering a property unlawfully with the intention of committing a crime and it might not always involve theft. Burglary insurance, then, will cover property damage as well as financial losses arising from:

  • The theft of property from within the household premises.
  • The entry of an intruder by force.

Insurance companies require policyholders to notify the authorities of the burglary as one of the first steps they take before filing a claim.

People also refer to burglary insurance as crime insurance.

Money Insurance

A policy designed to compensate for your business’s monetary loss by covering:

  • Cash in Transit: Loss of Cash & Cash Equivalents while being transported due to theft, or any unforeseen event.
  • Cash in Safe: Loss of Cash, Cash Equivalents, and valuables from your premises due to theft or robbery by forcible entry to a safe or strong room.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Cumberland Fidelity Guarantee Insurance: covers loss of stock, money or samples occasioned by the dishonest or fraudulent act(s) of employees or embezzlement during the course of their employment.

Personal Accident Insurance

Cumberland Personal Accident insurance is an annual policy with a worldwide cover providing compensation in the event of accidental injuries, disability or accidental death.