Workman’s Compensation Insurance

Cumberland Workman’s Compensation Insurance is a policy covering your Liability towards accidents occurring to your employees while they perform their duties. This policy confirms with Lebanon’s Labor Law decree no. 136/82

School Liability Insurance

Cumberland School Liability Insurance is a policy that covers the Educational Institution’s Liability towards bodily injuries, death or disablement arising from accidents caused to students whilst under the school’s supervision

Public Liability Insurance

Cumberland Public Liability Insurance is a policy that protects you and your business against any legal liability arising from accidental property damages and bodily injuries caused to Third Parties (visitors, clients, guests, suppliers, members of the public.)

The scope of Liability is very wide and applicable to all kinds of businesses.

Professional Liability Insurance

Cumberland Professional Liability Insurance is a policy covering the Liability of your Profession whatever your job is.

Product Liability Insurance

Cumberland Product Liability Insurance is a protection against financial loss arising out of the legal liability incurred by an insured because of injury or damage resulting from the use of a covered product or out of the liability incurred by a contractor after a job is completed.

Hunting Liability Insurance

Cumberland Hunting Liability Insurance is a mandatory policy for hunters in Lebanon that covers you against the legal Liability arising from material damages and bodily injuries caused to Third Parties due to your hunting activities.

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