Who We Are

Cumberland Insurance & Reinsurance Company s.a.l. is a Lebanese company licensed by the Lebanese Ministry of Trade and Economy in 1979 under the Lebanese Insurance Act. The Company is licensed to accept all forms of insurance business (except Life Assurance-Agriculture and credit).

The current shareholders acquired the Company in mid-1994 and, having increased the paid-up capital to L.L. 1.5 billion (US$ 1 million), began accepting business on 1st September, 1994. Today Cumberland operates from a position of strength, with healthy capital reserves following a further injection of capital in 1997, 2003 and 2015. The current paid up capital of the Company is L.L. 15 billion (US $ 10 million). In order to facilitate our long-term development plans, legal ownership of Cumberland was transferred in 2002 to a holding company, The Oak Holding sal, which was specially formed for this purpose by the same group of individual shareholders.

Cumberland has continued to show, year-on-year, strong growth and excellent results. We will continue on this course, capitalizing on our clear client-orientated strategy. Professional underwriting is central to Cumberland’s business objectives. Consequently, achieving underwriting profits through a disciplined selection of risks and a creative approach is our goal. Of equal importance is the identification and development of new lines of business.

As of today the efforts of the shareholders, supported by the whole of the Cumberland team, have resulted in Cumberland:

  • Establishing a strong position in the Lebanese market through steady, continuous and planned growth.
  • Ranking in the top 12 among the 50+ local and foreign insurance companies in the Lebanese market. Being perceived by the general public as a blue chip, trustworthy and progressive company.
  • Establishing and maintaining a first class Medical Insurance plan with an excellent network of service providers in support.

Cumberland Today

A dedicated team of professionals 

Cumberland has an outstanding team of executives who are committed to excellence and professionalism. We work closely with clients to understand all their insurance requirements and, by doing so, we are able to offer them the optimum solutions and insurance products tailor-made to match their particular needs.

Blue chip trust and confidence

All Cumberland’s reinsurance treaties are placed in the international reinsurance markets with companies that are rated “BBB” and above. The Company has an impressive roster of leading corporate clients and an exceptional reputation for professional service.

A strong partnership with clients & reinsurers

Cumberland believes strongly in nurturing and developing a long lasting relationship with both clients and reinsurers. We regard both parties as important partners in our business, with whom we strive to develop mutual trust and confidence.

Professional know how and  experience

This experience has given Cumberland the competitive edge and know-how to successfully tackle new market opportunities. To capitalize on this success, the Company is presently expanding operations throughout the Middle East.

Cumberland’s Expertise

Professional Underwriting Is the Core of Our Business..

Consequently, achieving underwriting profits based on a creative, disciplined selection of risks, is a central goal. Equally important is the identification and development of new lines of business.

Expertise in a Wide Range of Insurance Services

Cumberland’s wealth of expertise extends from complex industrial risks to group and individual accident and health insurance.

Uncovering Niche Business in Untapped Markets

Cumberland has a rich heritage of experience, experience which it is now leveraging to provide specialist capabilities in new and various areas of the insurance market. The expertise gained in setting up and maintaining its primary managed health care insurance scheme earned the Company a position as market leader in this field. Sound underwriting, pro-active claims management, and innovative administrative techniques, are the key to our success.

Pioneering Exclusive Services for Health Care Providers

Cumberland has specific expertise in the field of Medical Insurance. In particular Cumberland has developed a range of services targeted at health care providers in order to facilitate their medical expense contracts with insurance companies and their clients. In doing so, Cumberland is offering a totally efficient service to a diversified market capitalizing on its unsurpassed experience in this field.

State of the Art Technology & Administration

Cumberland has invested heavily in new technology providing reliable and informative data, allowing all our personnel to access key information quickly, accurately and efficiently.

24-Hour Help-Lines

Typical of our leadership position in insurance technology and client service we operate 24-hour help-lines in order to provide our clients with unrivalled service. Just call the following numbers at any time for immediate service;